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  • It is by faith that we please God. Therefore, a life without it is not only displeasing but it’s also not worth living. What quality of life could one have where hope is absent? Not a good one at all.
And, what greater peace than it is to know that God is our provider? That means provision isn’t just His speciality; it’s His promise. We go into every situation employing faith as our currency. When confronted by lack, we employ faith. When confronted by doubt, we employ faith. When confronted by any adversary, we employ faith. It’s the confidence we have to remain at peace even in the midst of chaotic situations.
  • We’re officially 3 days from a life-changing moment for men who are serious about going from where they are to where they want to be. I’m very excited about interviewing the one and only, 𝐑𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞 𝐁𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐧. He was selected as a 2nd overall pick of the 1st round by the Miami Dolphins, selected as a running back on the 2009 Pro Bowl team and successfully overcame every obstacle that was thrown at him over an illustrious 10-year professional career. Having the honor of knowing this man personally, I’ve seen a different side that isn’t showcased on the field. His love for his family and his commitment to being his best outside of what’s familiar is amazing.
I know many guys who’ve been put in a box and characterized because of what they’ve done well or what they’ve done consistently over the years, but there’s so much more to them than the game they’ve played, the money they’ve made and the fame they’ve acquired. This will be a conversation about family, life after “the game” and so much more.
I’m looking forward to helping men go from where they are to where they want to be.
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  • Unstable is the house that’s built without a firm foundation. It appears to be structurally sound, but time, pressure and conflict will show its cracks. If the Master Carpenter doesn’t carefully build the foundation—crating his heart and impacting his soul—then, no matter how great the house appears to be, it will surely fall.
  • My big guy! He’s just growing up so fast right before my eyes. He’s becoming and blooming, and it’s amazing to see. I’m one proud father. #imperfectfamilyman

Do You Want To Go From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be?

Here’s How.


Below, I have guaranteed options for you to change your life. Success is strategic, and you must plan for the success of your future because nations are waiting for your obedience.

  • 2019
    Where you are
  • 2025
    You didn't quit
  • 2030
    Where you want to be.
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Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

A Strategy Is a Long-Term Plan of Action

...the constitution of a Legacy.

Let me tell you why you need a strategy guide to navigate you through the murkiness of life.

If you can not see your way through difficult situations where you don’t know what direction to turn, or where you will end up tomorrow (let alone next year), you need

someone to show you the way. Someone that knows the way on through the darkest times life has to give.


Cornelius courted his wife for a year before proposing to her. He believed their courtship and engagement built the foundation for their marriage. They developed emotionally and spiritually, not physically, which was important to the emotional and spiritual health of their future family. This strategy session specifically focuses on developing a plan of purpose for the couple. The couple will be required to talk out their future together, what they’ve been called to do, and develop a plan of action that speaks to the legacy they want to leave behind. Cornelius will discuss marital expectations and introduce many of the lessons he has been teaching for the last 10 years.


Cornelius has spent the last 10 years in full time ministry. Within those 10 years, he’s preached on every continent – besides South America and Antartica – and he’s planted a thriving church that is increasing into different campuses all over the USA and abroad. In these Strategy Session, Cornelius will help you devise a plan for growth within your ministry.


Cornelius successfully self-published 12 books in 6 years! He was able to do it because he had a strategy for success. After leaving his last 9 to 5 job in October of 2009, he started researching and learning about multiple streams of income. Since them, he and his wife have created 9 different streams of income. Those streams have afforded him and his family the opportunity to live how they desire, and it allows him to do what he desires with his time.


Cornelius believes family is the cornerstone to the community, and how you choose to build your family speaks to the kind of legacy you desire to leave behind. This strategy session includes the development of a specific plan that mirrors Cornelius’ current lifestyle, such as, the importance of establishing and prioritizing certain days of the week for individual family members, raising the children with purpose, addressing emotional and spiritual issues in the home, and earning the respect in the home to referred as the leader. Cornelius has been with his wife for a little over 10 years, and they have 3 children. Please note that this session is for men, engaged couples, married couples only.

Be sure to register for Cornelius’ strategy conference. July 2019.

Are You a Kingman? 

Let’s see

Be sure to register for Cornelius’ strategy conference. July 2019.

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