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Suffering in Silence: Recognizing That You Are Not Alone

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Have you ever felt like you were all alone in a room full of people? Have you felt discouraged because of the things people said about you? Have you felt like others did not really know the ‘real’ you? Do you feel like you are a victim because of things that have happened in your past? Have you struggled with a past temptation that you are afraid to confess? Are you in search of true freedom from your past?

This book is perfect for anyone who desires to:

• Overcome a fear of failure
• Recognize they are not alone in their current situation
• Confess their wrongdoing and embrace forgiveness for self and others
• Stop chasing the idea of being ‘normal’
• Learn how to be content
• Find a solution to overcoming sexual addiction

In Struggling in Silence Pastor Cornelius Lindsey holds nothing back. He shares many of his personal struggles to remind you that you are not alone. You will be challenged and encouraged by what you read throughout the book. You will be confronted by some uncomfortable yet necessary truths purposed to help you escape your silent struggling and emerge as a victor through Jesus Christ.

Suffering in Silence: Recognizing That You Are Not Alone | Cornelius Lindsey