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So, You Want to be a Man?

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In this book, you will have the opportunity to share in Cornelius’ journey towards becoming a man. He shares his discontentment with his relationship with his father. He shares the defining moment in his life when he realized he wasn’t a man, the pressures he faced while growing up, and his struggles with sexual perversion. He also shares his insecurities about his looks, his joys and difficulties of being married, and his struggle to discover and live out his purpose. In this book, you will be encouraged to:

• Answer the question: “Where are the men?”
• Discover the importance for your relationship with God
• Learn how to discover your purpose and become passionate about fulfilling it
• Read about what it means to be a man of God and how it differs from being a man of the world
• Open your eyes to the value of your family and how your faith is necessary for your family’s wellbeing
• Confront the issue of pornography and other sexual struggles

Inside, he shares some intimate moments like when he wanted to commit suicide because he felt like his life was spiraling out of control. This book is purposed to convict and challenge you to become the man God has ordained you to be.

So, You Want to be a Man? | Cornelius Lindsey