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  • Bruhhhhhhhh!!!!! This is the truth!!!! That McD’s chicken sandwich saved me many times during my college days. That’s true about the hot mayo, but 🤷🏾‍♂️ I had to do what I had to do. Thanks @jaksmanage1 for sending this to me.
  • Don’t worry about what they say; just live in such a way that their accusations don’t mirror your true character. Sooner than later the slander will be revealed for what it is—harmful accusations birth from an envious, hurting, spiteful and jealous heart.
Don’t wish harm against the slanderers either. Be graceful and merciful. Don’t become to them what they were to you. Mature above their ability to hurt or change your actions.
  • Know thyself or run the risk of being told who you have to be by those who really don’t know you. Have your identity so embedded in God that others have to seek Him just to understand you.
  • First, there’s a planting. Second, roots must develop. Then, there’s a sprouting upwards. Finally, it’s time to bloom. You cannot skip a necessary part of the process.

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Overlooked: Does Anyone See Me and What I’m Going Through?


Have you ever felt overlooked by God?

Have you felt like you’re always the bridesmaid or the groomsman but never the bride or groom?

Have you felt like you’re always the last to be considered—like you’re forgotten by your friends and family?

Are you searching for answers to these questions and so many more?

If so, this book is for you. Cornelius takes you on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. He challenges you to think differently about what it means to be overlooked. Writing about his own experiences and sharing stories from people he’s encountered while traveling the world, he explores the feelings everyday people have about significance, self-worth and finding their place in the world. Take this journey of self-discovery and answer the question: Does anyone see me and what I’m going through?

Overlooked: Does Anyone See Me and What I’m Going Through? | Cornelius Lindsey