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I’m Married. Now, What?

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Cornelius Lindsey is married to Heather Lindsey, author of Pink Lips & Empty Hearts. Cornelius and Heather chose to save their very first kiss for their wedding day. They realized quickly that after their wedding day, there was still much that they had to learn about marriage God’s way. There are many examples of marriage, all around us, but many of those examples are not representative of the covenant union between Christ and the Church. This book is purposed to provide married couples with the biblical understanding of how to operate in their marriage, to provide a single person with insight on what marriage will be like for them, and to provide those that are divorced with insight on what they can do differently in their next marriage. In this book, you will be encouraged to:

– Understand the connection between our Christian faith and family
– Compare the “ideal” marriage to what actually happens in marriage
– Learn about the relationship between you, your spouse, and God
– Realize how to break free from feeling like a prisoner in your marriage
– Learn what it means to be a submitted wife or a peace-making husband

Also, read the tough, personal stories Cornelius shares about his marriage. Inside, he shares some intimate moments he and his wife experienced when a very tragic situation occurred that rocked their marriage to the core. You will be encouraged by what you read, and realize that you are not alone.

I’m Married. Now, What? | Cornelius Lindsey