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Cornelius Lindsey (born August 16, 1986) is an American trailblazer, international speaker, pastor, and author. He is the Founder and Senior Pastor of The Gathering Oasis Church, a non-denominational church that is located in the Greater Atlanta area. He is the author of 13 books, most notably:

When God’s Hand is on You,” So You Want to Be a Man?, and I’m Married. Now, What?, The Imperfect Family Man, and Fighting Together.

Other aspects of Lindsey’s ministry include his annual men’s conference, his non-profit organization, “The Man Cave Society”, and his YouTube channel that airs monthly bible studies on Christian manhood, fatherhood, and leadership. His YouTube channel has drawn nearly 500,000 views and his conferences bring together men from countries across the world.

Cornelius Lindsey was born in the rural town of Newton Mississippi. While there, he was raised in the Baptist church by his mother and father. Although bred in a Christian home, it was not until 2005, after attending a Wednesday night bible study, that Lindsey’s relationship with Christ was truly ignited. The gospel at once became clear to Lindsey and his walk with the Lord began. With his newfound pursuit, he joined in full-time ministry. In October 2009, after a stint in politics, Lindsey accepted his God-given call to pastor. After three years of diligent prayer, Lindsey and his wife Heather founded The Gathering Oasis Church. The church’s first service was held on January 28, 2013.

In addition to his local ministry, Cornelius Lindsey has become a prominent guest speaker in the United States and internationally. His speaking engagements have spanned across the globe to Jamaica, the Bahamas, London, Asia and Africa. As a preacher, Cornelius’ passionate, high-impact, and straightforward approach is exactly what is needed to propel men to advance the Gospel.

Cornelius and Heather are the proud parents of three children, Logan, Taylor, and Roman. They currently reside in the quiet suburbs of Atlanta, GA. In his spare time, Cornelius enjoys keeping tabs in politics and sweating in the gym.

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  • Every. Single. Couple. 😂🤣 Where do they find these couples?? Seriously.
  • A young David accepts the challenge to fight an experienced warrior named Goliath. King Saul, unsure of David’s ability to defeat the giant reluctantly allows him to go forward. Before sending him out, the king gave David his armor. David put it on, but protested against wearing it because he wasn’t comfortable in it. So, he took it off, picked up five smooth stones and grabbed his shepherd’s staff and sling. He marched over to fight the giant and, ultimately, defeated him!
I love that David used what was comfortable to him. He didn’t need someone else’s armor to fulfill his assignment. Are you delaying obedience because you’re waiting on acquiring what people say you need instead of using what’s most comfortable to you? Are you trying to put on equipment that works well for someone else but doesn’t fit well on you? You can use people’s style, but it won’t make you them. You can change the way you write, how you talk or what you do, but it won’t make you them. Neither will it make you, YOU!
Let’s learn from David to use what we got and what’s most comfortable to us. I don’t know what giant is standing in your way, but I do know you can take it down! Just use what you got and what’s most comfortable for YOU.
  • Don’t quit.  Rest instead.
  • Looking ahead to a new week with renewed vision, faith in God and a cause that’s worth fighting for! Find your purpose and you’ll find yourself. What’s your cause? What Goliath are you supposed to be fighting? Has obedience and opportunity collided in your life? If so, that’s the perfect mixture for effectiveness, and effectiveness brings popularity. The people will follow you because you feed them.
Dive more into this amazing subject by watching/listening to yesterday’s message — “What’s Your Cause?” The link is in the bio or watch via YouTube (The Gathering Oasis Church). Be encouraged.
  • Many studies concerning the church show different statistics. Some say that churches are closing their doors daily, which I believe is true. Some say that millennials are leaving the church in a mass exodus. Others speculate that more and more people are preferring an unchurched lifestyle. Despite these findings, we’ve continued to press forward as a church family. Today we celebrated 7 years of faithfulness in Atlanta, GA and 1 year in Charlotte, NC. We’ve endured a lot as a church family, but we’ve never quit.
If you’re in the metro Atlanta, GA or Charlotte, NC area and you’re looking for a family to be part of, come home. Just know that #WeLoveYouAlready #YouCanSitWithUs and #WeKeepIt100 cc: @thegochurch
  • May today be a reminder to hug your family a little tighter and never assume that tomorrow is promised. cc: @thegochurch
  • Thank you @chandlerdmoore for your gift and for encouraging our church today. cc: @thegochurch
  • It goes down tomorrow morning at 11am. Remember we’re at the Cobb Galleria not our regular location. Bring the crew and come through! We’re celebrating 7 years as a church. Just remember that #WeLoveYouAlready #YouCanSitWithUs and #WeKeepIt100atTheGO @thegochurch
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