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Cornelius Lindsey (born August 16, 1986) is an American trailblazer, international speaker, pastor, and author. He is the Founder and Senior Pastor of The Gathering Oasis Church, a non-denominational church that is located in the Greater Atlanta area. He is the author of 13 books, most notably:

When God’s Hand is on You,” So You Want to Be a Man?, and I’m Married. Now, What?, The Imperfect Family Man, and Fighting Together.

Other aspects of Lindsey’s ministry include his annual men’s conference, his non-profit organization, “The Man Cave Society”, and his YouTube channel that airs monthly bible studies on Christian manhood, fatherhood, and leadership. His YouTube channel has drawn nearly 500,000 views and his conferences bring together men from countries across the world.

Cornelius Lindsey was born in the rural town of Newton Mississippi. While there, he was raised in the Baptist church by his mother and father. Although bred in a Christian home, it was not until 2005, after attending a Wednesday night bible study, that Lindsey’s relationship with Christ was truly ignited. The gospel at once became clear to Lindsey and his walk with the Lord began. With his newfound pursuit, he joined in full-time ministry. In October 2009, after a stint in politics, Lindsey accepted his God-given call to pastor. After three years of diligent prayer, Lindsey and his wife Heather founded The Gathering Oasis Church. The church’s first service was held on January 28, 2013.

In addition to his local ministry, Cornelius Lindsey has become a prominent guest speaker in the United States and internationally. His speaking engagements have spanned across the globe to Jamaica, the Bahamas, London, Asia and Africa. As a preacher, Cornelius’ passionate, high-impact, and straightforward approach is exactly what is needed to propel men to advance the Gospel.

Cornelius and Heather are the proud parents of three children, Logan, Taylor, and Roman. They currently reside in the quiet suburbs of Atlanta, GA. In his spare time, Cornelius enjoys keeping tabs in politics and sweating in the gym.

To learn more about Cornelius, you can follow him on Twitter (@thisiscornelius), add him on Facebook (Cornelius Lindsey), follow him on Instagram (@thisiscornelius), and/or watch his videos on YouTube (CorneliusLindsey).


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  • This happened 3 years ago, but it’s still relevant today. “I Won’t Complain”

Be encouraged! Tough times don't last, but tough people do! You might be misunderstood, talked about, ridiculed, feeling insecure, or feeling like there's no way out of your situation. Just remember that the strength and majesty of God is shown in our weakness. He's woven His name of honor in our lives. His plans have been pressed into our future. He's positioned goodness and mercy to follow us all the days of our life! His angels encamp around us. His Spirit guides and teaches us. The Word is life to us because He illuminated our eyes to understand it. Blessed are those who trust in the Lord. We're like a tree that's planted next to still waters. The position of our roots are so secure and profitable that we produce fruit in the midst of a drought. This is because He sustains us; feeds us; nourishes us; comforts us. Though the drought comes, it won't cause us to wither because we have faith in Him! You may cry, but DON'T complain!
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  • We’re sitting on our biscuits during story hour, which is led by the firstborn, about a dog named Biscuit. I’m not sure what happened to the dog🤷🏾‍♂️. I was, but definitely wasn’t, paying attention. #imperfectfamilyman
  • Most of the lies I’ve heard in my life have started with: “God said...” We’d best leave Him out of our decisions or face the repercussions of starting a new trajectory of life that’s built on a facade and a false vision. Selah.
  • If you don’t set your boundaries for respect then people will treat you how they think you deserve to be treated.
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  • We don’t appreciate what we haven’t worked to attain. The wise understand that sowing and harvesting isn’t possible without time. The period between when something is planted and when it’s harvested is where character is developed. That’s where patience is challenged. To uproot what was planted too quickly wouldn’t be advantageous! You would lose value in the substance because it wasn’t given the proper time to develop.
God’s Word is full of principles that support this idea. Proverbs 13:11 tells us that wealth from hard work grows over time and get-rich-quick-schemes quickly disappear. First Peter 5:10 shows us that our restoration, confirmation, strength and establishment will blossom after we’ve suffered a little while, resisted a little while and stood firm a little while. I could go on and on, but the idea of reaping after sowing is incomplete if there’s no discussion of time. That’s the variable that causes the most frustration. The lazy don’t sow and the procrastinator will wait until his substance is dead, or dying, before harvesting. Those who can be faithful in sowing and consistent in harvesting must come face-to-face with an invisible, inanimate concept that’s has the potential to bring them to their knees in frustration and confusion—TIME. They’ll remain upset (even becoming frustrated with God) until they learn that the solution to waiting isn’t inactivity and passivity; rather, it’s contentment and faithfulness. Time doesn’t frustrate the content and faithful because they know that whatever has been planted must harvest. They do not trust the ground it was planted, nor the sun that provided light, nor the rain that nourished; no, they trust God. They know He will remain true to His principles and reward those that honor them.
So, consider your stamina before planting and building. Can you trust God and remain faithful through the process? If so, you’ll eat from the land, and it’s not unlike God to allow you to eat from gardens you didn’t even plant. He won’t let a good harvest go to waste. When the lazy and frustrated harvesters sleep in and stop gathering then He turns over their fields to the faithful laborers. So, stay faithful.
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  • Our worship is largely based on our perspective. How we perceive God has the potential to determine how we worship Him. If He’s simply a genie-in-a-bottle then our worship will begin when needs arise; however, it will end if we feel as if God is either unable to meet our demands or if we feel as if He’s already supplied the needs. If He’s perceived as an evil slave owner who dishes out love based on actions performed then we become works-based. Our actions become the foundation of our faith rather than His love for us. When He’s perceived as a loving friend, instead of an honorable God, then His principles and precepts become options instead of commands. If He’s only a friend then we communicate to Him as if He’s only a friend—casually, optional and capable of being blocked or hidden depending on how we feel about Him in that moment.
Ultimately, the question must be answered personally and truthfully. The answer will help us to identify our perception, which will help us to see the faults in our worship.
Ask yourself the question honestly. Then, converse with Him about it. It’s not like He doesn’t know.
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